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It’s going on two month’s since I jumped into the unknown and moved to Mauritius. And before you think I am sitting typing this one-handed while holding my cocktail, lying on the beach, STOP.

The reality of this place (and not that I had any illusions otherwise) is that it is only paradise for those who fly in and get whisked away to their pretty hotels in large tour groups.

The much sadder reality is that though the island is truly magnificent in so many ways, it is marred by such hurtful viciousness among its inhabitants. If you have to ask me what I have experienced most while living here, i would be lying straight up if I had to say the beaches, culture and vibrance. Fair enough - my work doesn’t afford me the time to actually go to the beach. But the truthful, no-holds-barred answer would be GOSSIP. Yes, you know the kind - where people actually lower their voices and whisper the juicy news they think they have on you. If I was actually behaving in a manner that could justify all the gossip, I would not be sitting here writing a blog post, i’d be out doing all the things people are claiming i am already doing. Truth is, I have no idea what it is that seems to cause me to be the centre of the controversy each and every time. I have done nothing but arrive, live my life, mind MY own business, go about my own thing and yet week after week, there are stories that surface about my ‘supposed’ comings and goings and the intricate happenings in my life.

My problem with this whole situation is this: where do people get off thinking that they actually have the right to intrude in another person’s life as much as they seem to be trying to? Do they not realise the harm in their words and the utter nonsense they speak when they open their mouth’s.. And finally, do they not realise how much pain they could actually be causing when they fail to have control over their itchy tongues…

It seems to be the mentality here that people invite themselves into your life and with that self-proclaimed invitation they seem to think they have some kind of right or entitlement to comment about your life. Perhaps if they turned the mirrors on themselves they would realise their actions are far more deserving of gossiping but I suppose one cannot gossip about themselves… You’d think the people who gossip would have clean slates of their own, but no - these are the adulterers who break up marriages who proclaim themselves judge and jury over my life. Seriously?

End of the day, it is indeed a big joke to watch such mediocre-minded people asserting themselves over my life and attempting to think they have some kind of superiority over it. However, I am not laughing just yet.

I believe the wheel does turn and that what you do unto others comes back to you. Call it cliché or old-school but I believe it. And Yeah its frustrating as hell sitting here watching others judge my life, but I guess if I have learnt anything is that patience is indeed a virtue.

Sep 17
When the gossip is YOU
Aug 6

The great move has happened. Hardly something I would call great given the fact that the flight is equivalent to flying to and from Jozi to Cape Town (without breaks). Many questions have surfaced. Why the move? It seems people find it difficult to believe that people who reside on an island also work and have normal lives.. Guess it’s that whole stereotype vibe pretty much the same as when foreigners ask South Africans if we have lions and hyenas walking around outside our houses (which are on stilts of course). 

But alas, Mauritian people have lives. And the culture has pretty much taken the mass tourists coming for their “fill of paradise” in their stride, and well might I add. Tourists have become the same as we see mosquitoes - annoying and noisy but there nonetheless, so take precaution not to get bothered by them. 

The adventure to this great place I call a second home, has already begun. It’s time to put down the pretty colored cocktail and pick up a pen.. Accepting a position to edit a daily newspaper is going to be an adventure and a half. But this Jo’burg girl is ready. 

I spend my time observing a great deal. Also trying to learn the language but more than anything, observing how different it is from home. And in some ways how similar it is too. Everyday you come across something or someone who either helps me embrace the lifestyle change or miss home that much more. 

Here’s to my adventure and observations.. From a Jozi girl (at heart forever) with LOVE.

Aug 6
Good morning from the other side of the ocean

Everyone at some point has wished for one. Dreamed about it and more often than not just pushed it back into their “dream bank” and moved on with life.. Or so they call it that. I know, because i have done just that for so many years. Lived my life the way I ‘thought’ it had to be lived.. mainly for others sake and not even realizing it. 

But I believe that moments happen in your life that force you to evaluate what you have in front of you and what you wish to continue with as a life. I don’t think these moments catch everyone though. I mean, if we are ready to see them - i think it hits us and we make a change but for some it is just not the time and the moment passes as swiftly as a breath passes. 

My ‘moment’ came and I saw it, felt it or whatever you want to call it. But it grabbed me and what followed is a big, unexpected change taking place in the form of me moving to another country to have a kind-of a new/fresh start. The move is not permanent. But is indefinite and almost with an attitude of “wherever the wind blows” in terms of duration. The plans are made, the adjustments have started to fall into place and reality sinks in that much more each day that gets closer to the day i depart. 

What has surprised me though, is the reaction from those closest to me about my decision to take this leap. Often, it seems, when others have got so used to the way you live your life, when you decide a change is due, they react negatively because it’s as if it doesn’t suit them? I am having great difficulty wrapping my head around this concept. Because, well, it’s very simple. It’s MY life.. And the decisions taken by ME are MINE and for MY best interest. I feel this attitude of mine is apt seeing as though i hole no responsibility in terms of a partner/children etc etc. 

Could it be the sudden change that disrupts others? Change is never an easily adopted idea it would appear.. At the end of the day, after living most of my life trying to please and live up to everyones expectation around me, i completely missed out on creating my very own expectations.. Hence the reason now at the age of 25, i sit here lost and unable to pin point what exactly i want for my life in terms of EVERYTHING. 

I have not passed through this experience without learning something… You can be a good person in life, do what you need to do and conquer the important milestones in life but it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having some crazy moments for yourself. Live for you.. Consider others but at the end of the day, live for yourself. Don’t lose yourself in the expectations and perceptions of others. And certainly don’t get stuck in acting on everyone else’s expectations of the person they think you need to be. 

More importantly, LIVE your life…do not simply exist. 

Jun 8
Going for the fresh start

In light of recent happenings on the local music scene, it becomes fairly obvious what this post is about. As clever as it makes for a play on words, serious allegations of domestic violence on a prominent young female personality were made in the direction of one of South Africa’s most equally popular DJ “personalities”. Reading the latest on the events transpired each party has now made their claim and it becomes the duty of a judge to decide if a) her claims are founded and b) what’s to be done about that overall.

Reputation management must be spinning into overdrive right now in both camps. One says something other one denies. Classic case of He-said she-said. The potential media attention something like this can attract is often far greater than the attention the details and trial something like this attracts. Sad but true. The stage is set and now it’s time for the characters to play their parts for the masses who are gathering as the crowds.

At the end of it all, only the two people involved really know what happened (well, and maybe their respective publicists/representatives) and whatever the outcome or intention of this entire scenario is, what’s been said at the end of it all can never be unsaid. That’s the thing about words and how easily their associated actions stick in people’s minds, you can have a trial by media long before coming in front of any actual judge and be found guilty as charged in the public’s eye. It’s like the death of a reputation. The ultimate price to pay being in the public eye EVEN if you may be innocent.

Moral of the story? Keep your private life just that - PRIVATE even if your ego seems to remain in the spotlight most of the time.

Jun 8

Sitting in front of my laptop at the crack of dawn - literally, clocked no more than 4 hours sleep and awake/alert as i have ever been. Waiting is really not something I enjoy. More than ever, today, because it’s very different when you are waiting for something whorl related or to receive something. No, when you are waiting for the operation for a loved one to be over, time seems to slow down to a slower-than-slow glacial pace. It’s as if time itself sees how emotionally wrecked you are and it sits back and giggles “let’s have some fun with this one”

At the same time, this is the pinnacle change in the preverbal journey that this has been. It is the result of a lot of waiting, faith, more waiting, praying, not giving up and then again more waiting. It’s bittersweet when you reach this point. You’ve almost become attached to your condition and you are used to it. 

My mom is the one who is finally getting her new start on her health. For years (4 to be exact) she walked around in the most intense pain. Now most people would do nothing but moan and complain and become the biggest victims around. This is sadly the way it goes. But my mom did not do that. She braved it and chose to walk as tall as she could. 

Emotions are an energy that many tend to overlook. One that if you ignore they drain you. Embrace them. 

So, to my mom. The absolute bravest woman i know. This is her turning point in life and in health. A welcomed one that will only see her go back to being the absolutely unstoppable human being she is!

Mar 1
a wait finally over

I have a very low tolerance level for people who moan and groan about things they feel are ‘problems’ in their lives (in fact, i could say it’s a zero tolerance). I have seen a lot of different tweets #1stworldproblems and the like, where people then go on to describe how ‘hard’ and difficult it is for them in certain parts of their life. 

That poster puts things right into perspective. We are prone as humans to moan whenever something doesn’t go according to the ‘I want it [done]now’ attitude. But, come on. We have really got to stop behaving as though life is against us and not fair and just not going our way. Yes, shit happens. Yes, bad stuff happens. Yes, we get hurt. But can we rather instead of whining like giant babies, look at the things we have in our life (as a norm) that a large amount of other people don’t have.

This may seem like a preach/lecture kind of rant but really all i am saying is that we need to put our energy into appreciating what we have instead of worrying and moaning about what we don’t have. One day when you are lying in the ground or in an urn on someone’s mantle, is it really going to matter about ‘those to-die-for’ shoes you never got or how many times you got caught in traffic? UH - NO it won’t.

So people enjoy what you have - the here and now. Appreciate the love you have in your life and be grateful that you walk the other another day. Don’t ever become a victim of your life. Get real! 

Feb 23
Energy well spent
Trying out slow shutter speed to catch lightning #nofilter  (Taken with instagram)
Feb 22

Trying out slow shutter speed to catch lightning #nofilter (Taken with instagram)

Muchos cuteness
Feb 20

Muchos cuteness

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I’ve learnt that when it comes to inspiration and finding that inspiration, sometimes the best place to look is nature and it’s creatures. No, this isn’t about to turn into one of those nature-loving, tree hugging posts (no offense to any such people, because I have a great respect for nature) but today I noticed something that I can very well relate to.

Ever noticed the amount of effort a weaver goes to in order to lure a female? He builds a beautiful nest for her. And if that isn’t enough considering how much effort he puts into the crafting of that structure, if she is not satisfied, she flies away and he is left to tear it down and build another one. This can turn into a rather long process in finding a mate for the little bird because it often also involves change of location quite a number of times too.

Ok, so how does this relate to us human beings? Each of us at some point have been that little male weaver, crafting a beautiful nest, putting our heart and soul into it, only to have it rejected by the person we seek approval from. Think about it, it can be a relationship that you are going out of your way for and the other person is not reciprocating, a job where your boss doesn’t value the work and time you put into projects, a friendship with a selfish person…. I’m sure the list can go on..

So why would this bird continue on this path of building and breaking down the nests? My guess is because it’s worth it to him to find that special mate. So what I’m saying is, don’t build and break your nests unless you are sure that the person or reason for doing it is really and truly worth it.
Know your value and worth else all you would have achieved is learning how to resent those who don’t appreciate you. Rather than resent, change direction and end up like the weaver when it’s mate is finally happy with the nest - singing merrily nearby!

Feb 6
Nature’s artist

This morning I woke to a tweet from a friend of mine who also works in this business. It read: “Know your worth.. or you’ll always be undervalued.” Seems pretty simple doesn’t it? 

But how exactly do we go about knowing our worth? Is it a title? Is what you make from your job an indicator of your worth? Personally, i think it’s about working in an environment where your talent, time, effort, and perseverance is valued as a complete package. And not just valued by you getting paid a high amount, that is not value. It comes down to a simple please, thank you and great job today. Of course that all depends on whether the people you are working with have decent manners too.

Another very important person in my life mentioned to me last night that people should respect the title you hold in your work, regardless of your age and it made me realize just how right she was. We are the reason people don’t value us, because WE don’t value us. If you go into a situation/project/job thinking you are the underling and the newbie and the young one with less experience then it sure as hell is going to chew you up and throw you out. It’s all about attitude. Can you do this job/project? If so, then do it. Don’t worry about how old the person is next to you, how much longer they have been working on this or how many years they have on you. Don’t even worry about whether they are male or female. What counts - and what will always count - is working passionately and getting your shit done. You do that, and no one even notices how old you are.

So coming back to being valued. If you are not valued, nothing you ever do will receive the kind of value you expect. It’s like being in a bad relationship and there is no other cure for that than to end it, move on and be happy. Don’t work harder to see if they notice this time. MOVE ON!

Jan 24
Value in work

I don’t think that anyone can ever say they have learnt enough or have experienced enough ‘hard lessons’ to simply know better and not get hurt or burned in any aspect of their life. Well, I made that exact mistake a little while ago thinking that by me putting in my entire being of effort into a project, that it would give the same back. Wrong. It didn’t. And i am not saying that this applies to everything, but let’s face it. There are a lot of things and people out there that when you look back on it, you realize how much they took you for granted. 

So, i have but one piece of advice to everyone out there (for now). DO NOT (and i mean DO NOT) let anyone lead you on in anything. Never let them make you think they are committed to a project or idea or anything you put forward only to see a few months later they haven’t made any effort to put the action into your idea with you. People will always say that they want to go places but it’s something altogether different to actually see the actions take place. 

Never let that person (or people) make you think that you are not capable of the great ideas you have. AND most importantly, don’t let that person make your ideas disappear into the great beyond just because they did not have the courage to stand with you and see them through. Nothing stops you from bringing your great ideas to fruition.

Never let anyone dull your shine. EVER.

Jan 23
Keep the light burning…

I hardly profess to be an authority on what it takes to be an effective public relations practitioner BUT I do know that there are some things that every PR person should know (and know well) before they dare call themselves such.

1. You don’t just wake up one morning and decide you’re going to work in PR. Like anything in life, you LEARN. You study it, or you educate yourself. In the very Least, google the subject and read the principles and basics.

2. Since PR is an arm of the media, spelling is IMPERATIVE. Spelling in emails, spelling in press releases, spelling in social media. You get my point. Remember that thing called a dictionary? They are electronically available now and super easy to use. So use it!

3. Pay attention to the small details. Tedious you say? Hardly. A small detail like calling someone a Miss instead of a Mr or other way round, can land you on the wrong side before you’ve even told them what you’re about. Plus it’s offensive, and people are less likely to give you any PR.

4. This is my biggest pet hate in this industry. I have been on both sides, in magazine and now on the PR side. When you get an email, ANSWER it. Even if all you say is, thanks got your mail and we aren’t interested etc. This is something supposed “SA industry pros” are typically hypocritical about. Preach about journalists not responding but then ignore countless emails and phone calls from fellow PR people. What is even more frustrating about said PR people is that they are almost worshipped like that bitchy clique in high school. Truth is, their work ethic is poor, events are mediocre and no one is bothered to change that. This is not a popularity contest and you’re not here to boost your own personal PR, so stop acting like you’re the newly crowned Miss world.

5. Don’t get into this industry under the illusion that it’s pretty and glam. It’s real out there. Hours are long, tasks are endless and media doesn’t sleep. Get ready to handle multiple projects and still deliver. “I’ll do it later, just doesn’t cut it, neither does I will get round to it next week”. In this industry, if you don’t act quickly, someone else does!

6. Be professional at all times. Very simple, don’t be rude. The way you present yourself to the world via any social network or public platform is key. Anyone can be rude, it’s easy. It takes etiquette to handle something without being rude.

Nov 9
Public Relations 101

I have watched as dozens of BB users have frantically scrambled to find something to keep them occupied since this Blackberry Blackout occurred yesterday. 

Some have reported they feel like a limb is missing, others are welcoming the ‘break’. I quite honestly find this whole scenario funny because this blackout has exposed just how hooked and attached we are to our phones. 

Competitors have used this as an opportunity to promote their offerings. Nokia South Africa are but one of the many tongue-in-cheek jabs that brands have taken since the RIM ‘catastrophe’: 

@NokiaRSA: Want to keep in touch with your friends? WhatsApp on Nokia smartphones is up and running perfectly!

Even brands like KFC have jumped on this bandwagon:

#WhenBlackberryWasDown not a tweet could be found, but KFC’s still around, so why not pop on down. #BlackBerry

Who knew that this could become a platform for marketing people all over to use to their advantage. 

All i can say is: #teamiphone ra ra ra! 

Oct 11
Blackberry [Crackberry] Blackout

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Oct 3
What makes a PR PRO?